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OWON portable DIGITAL STORAGE OSCILLOSCOPE 25MHz 2 CHs 500Mhz sample rate PDS5022T new with 3 yrs w
OWON portable DIGITAL STORAGE OSCILLOSCOPE 25MHz 2 CHs 500Mhz sample rate  PDS5022T new with 3 yrs w Quantity in Basket: None
Code: PDS5022
Price: $359.00
Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
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New OWON Portable Digital Storage Oscilloscope 25Mhz


Digital popularization storm—

The best substitute of Education series digital oscilloscope

EDU digital storage oscilloscope is the best choice to substitute for traditional analog oscilloscope though it don’t coming with surprising function and specification. Thanks to the creative R&D thoughts and strict cost control, EDU series is outstanding when compete with analog oscilloscope even in price.        

EDU digital storage oscilloscopes display by STN LCD big screen in compact design, it is available at bandwidth of 20MHz to 40MHz and real sample rate of 100Ms/S. The series satisfy the detection of electric manufacturing production lines as well as basic mathematics needs.

Oscilloscope Specification

 Model  PDS5022
 Bandwidth  25MHz
 Sample Rate ( Real time )  100MS/s
 Rise time  ≤14ns
 Display  7.8 inch colored LCD, 256 colors for STN screen/65536 colors for  TFT  screen, 640x480 pixels
 Channel  Dual channels+ external trigger
 Sampling mode  Normal sample,Peak detect and Average
 Record length  Max.6000 for each channel
 Sampling range  10S/s~100MS/s
 Horizontal scale (s/div)  5ns/div~5s/div
 step by 1~2.5-5
 Vertical sensitivity  5mV ~5V/div (at BNC input)
 DC Gain Accuracy  ±5% 
 Max. input voltage  300V(PK-PK)(DC+ AC PK-PK)
 Input impedance  1MΩ±2% in parallel with 20pF±5pF 
 Input coupling AC,DC
 Trigger Mode Edge,Video
 Vertical resolution (A/D) 8 bits (2CH simultaneously)
 Sampling rate / relay time  accuracy ±100ppm
 Interval(△T)accuracy  Single:±(1 interval time+100ppm×reading+0.6ns)
 (DC~100MHz)  Average>16:±(1 interval time +100ppmxreading+0.4ns)
 Waveform storage  4 waveforms
 Automatic measurement  Peak-to-Peak, Average, Root mean square, Frequency, and Cycle
 Waveform math  +,-,Invert
 Lissajou’s Bandwidth  25 MHz
 figure Phase difference  ±3 degrees
 Interface  USB, RS232
 Power supply  100-240 VACRMS,50Hz,CAT II
 Dimension  350mm(L)x157mm(H)x103mm(W)
 Shipping Weight  4KG

Main Features:

 1. 25MHz~100MHz Bandwidth

 2. Up to 500MS/s real time sample rate

 3. Max.6000 record length for each channel

 4. Dual channels plus External trigger

 5. Waveform mathematic function

 6. 7.8 inch color LCD display for large view

 7. PC communication through the USB or RS232 port for real-time data transmission

 8. Advanced trigger: Edge trigger, Video trigger and Alternate trigger


1. Electronic circuit debugging

2. Circuit testing

3. Design and manufacture

4. Education and training

5. Automobile maintenance and testing

Advanced trigger:

With advance trigger, we could capture the waveform quickly and improve the efficiency greatly.

 The trigger functions include: Edge trigger, Video trigger and Alternate trigger.


This function reduces random or noisy in the signal effectively and quite convenient for the engineer to analyze the waveform by.  Below figure is  the waveform which achieved after averaging which to show how this function reduces the influence from noisy directly.


Waveform math

Multi-math operations help to meet the test requirement of lab engineers.

Single trigger

To test pulse or single signal. After the oscilloscope detects a trigger, itcompletes acquisition and locks the waveform.


Alternate trigger

To input two different signals simultaneously.

USB Interface:

This portable scope can be used as USB scope as well, the user can view/measure/save/print waveform on the PC;  view and set the horizontal time base of each selected channels; can view and set the Voltage Scale of each selected channels; also the Period, Frequency, and Peak Value of selected waveforms can be displayed.


Snapshot of USB interface:


Link to USB interface manual:


Battery optional:

The chargable lithium battery can be used up to 5-6 hours. 


1) Two Oscilloscope Probes (grey), X1, X10, 1.2m;

2) Power cord;

3) User's Manual;

4) USB cable;

5) lithium battery (Optional, can buy from us at $80.00, please make a note if battery needed)

Three-years warranty from the manufacturer, the manufacturer will pay for shipping if there is any problem with it.



Click the picture to view large picture

Click here to download the manual:

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Customer Support Skype: Aidetech

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