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A3125-250M(1.2KV) One 250MHZ Oscilloscope clip probe 100:1 up to 1.2KV
A3125-250M(1.2KV) One 250MHZ Oscilloscope clip probe 100:1 up to 1.2KV Quantity in Basket: None
Code: A3125
Price: $68.99
Shipping Weight: 1.10 pounds
0805 Resistor Specifications



A3125 Two 250MHZ Oscilloscope probes for Tektronix and HP Oscilloscope scope, X100 up to 1.2KV, 2 units + accessories


The new TX3100 series of passive probe has excellent price performance value, handle double absolutely. Increase safety creepage distance. bandwidth up to 250MHz, mini-box designed. Full set accessories are included with each probe. All probes meet IEC1010-2-031,1200VDC, CATII

The TX3100 series is a passive high impedance high-voltage oscilloscope probe designed and calibrated for use on instruments having an input impedance of 1Mohm shunted by 15pF.

TX3100 Series

Low Frequency Compensation Adjustment:

  • Low frequency response can be matched to the oscilloscope by adjusting the compensation trimmer on the head of the probe.
  • Connect the probe to the oscilloscope and to a 1Khz square waveform source
  • Set the oscilloscope to display two to the three cycles and two to six vertical divisions.
  • Carefully adjust the trimmer tool to obtain the flattest tops to the square waves displayed on this oscilloscope,
  • High Frequency compensation adjustment


Texas P3100 Series Probes

  • General Purpose, Bench or Field
  • Economical, Yet High Quality
  • High Input Impedance (X100 range)
  • Compensation (X100 range)


    • Useable with scopes having Bandwidth DC to 250 MHz
    • Rise time: 1.4ns
    • Interchangeable Probe Tip
    • Modular Construction
    • Compensation range: 10 to 50 pF
    • Input Capacitance: 6.5pF
    • Input Resistance: 100Mohm
    • Bandwidth: 100X: 250MHz
    • Net Weight: 55g
    • Cable Length: 120cm
    • Operating Temp: -10C-50C
    • Operating Humidity: <=80%
    • Maximum Input Voltage: 1200 VDC (DC+peak AC)

                                                                                                      TX3100 Series passive probe

Model#: Attenuator System
Range (pf):
Input Res.
Input Cap.
TX3125 X100 250 1.4 10-50 1200 100 6.5

The package includes:

1) Two 250MHZ Oscilloscope probes with Mini Alligator Clip and ground lead;

2) 2 Screwdrivers;

3) 4 marker bands;

4) 2 tip locating sleeves.

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