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AideTek Automotive 9-in-1 silicone test leads kit Insulation Piercing test clip crocodile clips up
AideTek Automotive 9-in-1 silicone test leads kit  Insulation Piercing test clip crocodile clips up Quantity in Basket: None
Code: TLP20169
Price: $38.99
Shipping Weight: 0.30 pounds

AideTek Automotive 9-in-1 silicone test leads kit  Insulation Piercing test clip crocodile clips up to 32A TLP20169

Please clink here to download datasheet:


Test Lead Kit includes basic set of interchangeable specialty test probes designed for automotive use.

The flexible back probing pins are great for sliding into automotive connectors like those on fuel injectors and MAP sensors.

The large crocodile clips are good for clipping to grounds and battery terminals.

Package Including:

1)Two( One red + one black) 32 inch PVC lead extensions,   Shrouded banana plugs at both ends, Whole length: 82cm (32.22 inch) 

2) A pair of sharp Stainless Steel Needle Tipped Tip Multimeter Probes Test Leads 

600v 1A 4mm Socket,Whole Length: 129.5mm Needle length: 20.5mm,Match with the test lead of Multimeter or Oscilloscope Advantage: Lengthened sharp and hard stainless steel needle(Dia.1mm) can easily pierce the surface of cable but doesn't destroy it. It can be widely used about the non-destructive cable test in auto, Telecom, Industry or test inside of the plug. Color:Red Black Metal material:Brass、Stainless Steel Insulator material:PA Rated voltage/current:CE CATII 600V /MAX. 1A Connect method:4mm socket connection

3) A pair of long Stainless Steel Needle Tipped Tip and flexible spring with the silicone tube can meet kinds of your request, safety test clip with 4mm socket connection

Whole Length: 93mm(3.6inch) Needle length: 36.5mm (1.43inch)

Rated voltage/current: 30Vac-60Vdc/Max 10A   

4) Two ( one red + one black)  modular 4 inch heavy duty test probe handles;  Safety test probe with 4mm socket connection. Spring-loaded tip, Length: 10.5cm; Material: Insulator: PA; Body: Brass; Spring: Beryllium copper; Surface: Nickel plated; Rated voltage/current: CATII 1000V/Max.32A;

5) A pair of one Black/Red 10A crocodile clip 

6) A pair of one Black/Red large 32A crocodile clips, Safety Sliver plated alligator clip Rated voltage/current: CATIII 1000V/Max.32A, Metal material:Brass; Insulator material:PA; whole size:  83.5mm(3.3 inch) max jaw size: 27mm(1.06 inch)

7) Insulation Piercing Clip Set, Banana Jack Accepts Banana Plug Leads with rigis insulation sleeve, Color: Red, Black, Length 4 In" (143cm) , Stainless Steel Probe Pierces Insulation on Gauge Wire, Tip Material Stainless Steel, For Use With Banana Plug Test Leads, Accepts 4mm Banana Plugs, Includes (1) Red and (1)Black Probe,  Pierces wire up to 4mm diameter, Spring loaded press pin of cooper, which can grasp the conductor of max 4mm thickness

Compatible with all Pomona / FLUKE banana plug leads

Sheathed 4mm receptacle accepts shrouded banana plugs and unshrouded banana plugs

Meets all the latest international safety standards

Current: 2 Amperes

Std. Colors: black, red

Operating voltage: CAT III 1000V; Current: 2 Amperes. 

8).A pair of Safety test clip with 4mm socket connection. Flexible spring with the tube can contact the wires and terminals even at the corner. 1000V/Max.10A Material: Insulator:PA, Body:Brass & Stainless steel

9)A pair of silicone rubber wire test leads, 16A, IEC1010-031 CAT III: 1000V

Silicone-insulated test leads are more flexible, more heat and burn resistant, more chemical and solvent resistant, and less sensitive to environmental temperatures.

 Ф3.6mm test lead

Test leads meet the RoHS and CE requirement

Ф2mm copper test tip with right angle ten plug and safety cap

Wire material: Silicon Rubber wire Ф3.6*65*0.10

IEC1010-031 CAT III: 1000V

Max rated current: AC 16A

Standard length: 850mm

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