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A6150-500M(600V) Two new 500MHZ Oscilloscope clip probes w/ readout pin
A6150-500M(600V) Two new 500MHZ Oscilloscope clip probes w/ readout pin Quantity in Basket: None
Code: A6150
Price: $149.99
Shipping Weight: 1.10 pounds
0805 Resistor Specifications



A6150 500MHZ Oscilloscope probes for Tektronix and HP Oscilloscope scope with read-out pin, X10, 2 unit + accessories


The TX6100 series fixed attenuator rate passive probe is only low frequency compensation trim and high frequency compensation trim. Without X1/X10 slide switch. This kind probe specialty is high system bandwidth and low input capacitance. System bandwidth is up to 500MHz. The cable length is up to 1.5M. It has three for high frequency adjustment's hole on the metal box. Only for oscilloscope input capacitance low than 18pF. If you must be for high frequency adjust. The best take it to careerman for assistance.

TX6100 Series

Low Frequency Compensation Adjustment:

  • Low frequency response can be matched to the oscilloscope by adjusting the compensation trimmer on the head of the probe.
  • Connect the probe to the oscilloscope and to a 1Khz square waveform source
  • Set the oscilloscope to display two to the three cycles and two to six vertical divisions.
  • Carefully adjust the trimmer tool to obtain the flattest tops to the square waves displayed on this oscilloscope,
  • High Frequency compensation adjustmentĦĦ

High Frequency Compensation Adjustment

The high frequency compensation box cover located near the connector, Use the BNC adapter, connected the probe to a square wave generator operating between 10kHz to 1Mhz, to 1Mhz terminated into 50ohms. The square wave generator rise time should be approximately 125ns, Adjust each control until the leading edge of the waveform is as flat, square and horizontal as possibleĦĦ

Texas P6100 Series Probes

  • General Purpose, Bench or Field
  • Economical, Yet High Quality
  • High Input Impedance (X10 range)
  • Compensation (X10 range)
    • Useable with scopes having Bandwidth DC to 500 MHz
    • Rise time: 0.7ns
    • Interchangeable Probe Tip
    • Modular Construction
    • Compensation range: 5 to 30 pF
    • Input Capacitance: 10.8pF
    • Input Resistance: 10Mohm when used with Oscilloscopes with 1Mohm input;
    • Bandwidth: 10X: 500MHz
    • Net Weight: 55g
    • Cable Length: 120cm
    • Operating Temp: -10C-50C
    • Operating Humidity: <=80%
    • Maximum Input Voltage: 600 VDC (DC+peak AC) .
     TX6100 Series Fixed Attenuator Rate Passive-probe
Model#: Attenuator System
Range (pf):
Input Res.
Input Cap.
TX6135 X10 350 1 5-30 600 10 11 X
TX6140 X10 400 0.875 5-30 600 10 11 X
TX6145 X10 450 0.78 5-30 600 10 11 X
TX6150 X10 500 0.7 5-30 600 10 10.8 X

     The package includes:

1) Two 500MHZ Oscilloscope probes with Mini Alligator Clip and ground lead;

2) 2 Screwdrivers;

3) 4 marker bands;

4) 2 tip locating sleeves.

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