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Siglent wareform function Generator Counter SDG1025 2chs 25Mhz 125M/s 14 bits USA UK Germany stock,
Siglent wareform function Generator Counter SDG1025 2chs 25Mhz 125M/s 14 bits USA UK Germany stock, Quantity in Basket: None
Code: SDG1025
Price: $399.00
Shipping Weight: 8.00 pounds
Newest Siglent wareform function Generator Counter SDG1025 2chs 25Mhz 125MSa/s 14 bits 16 kpts we offer 14 days return policy and 3 yrs Europe Warranty/Support UK ship Features and Benefits: ● Apply DDS technology, double output, adjustable phase, the highest output frequency is 50MHz ● 125MSa/s sample rate, 14bit vertical resolution, 16Kpts wave length ● Output 5 types of standard waveform, internally installed 48 types of waveform ● Internally installed high precision, wide frequency counter, frequency is up to 200MHz ● Abundant modulation function, sweep-frequency output, pulse train output ● Standard collocation connection: USB Device, USB Host, support U Disk storage and software, upgrading GPIB port is optional ● Can connect to SDS1000 series digital oscilloscope perfectly, and support remote command control Model SDG1005 SDG1010 SDG1020 SDG1025 SDG1050 Maximum output frequency 5MHz 10MHz 20MHz 25MHz 50MHz Output channels 2 Sampling rate 125 MSa/s Wave length 16 kpts Frequency resolution 1 μHz Vertical resolution 14 bits Waveform Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Gaussian white noise, 48 types of built-in arbitrary waveforms Sine wave 1μHz ~ 5MHz 1μHz ~ 10MHz 1μHz ~20MHz 1μHz ~ 25MHz 1μHz ~ 50MHz Square wave 1μHz ~ 5MHz 1μHz ~ 10MHz 1μHz ~20MHz 1μHz ~ 25MHz 1μHz ~ 25MHz Pulse 500μHz ~ 5MHz 500μHz ~ 5MHz 500μHz ~5MHz 500μHz ~ 5MHz 500μHz ~ 5MHz Ramp 1μHz ~ 300KHz 1μHz ~ 300KHz 1μHz ~ 300KHz 1μHz ~ 300KHz 1μHz ~ 300KHz Gaussian white noise 5MHz bandwidth(-3dB) 10MHz bandwidth(-3dB) 20MHz bandwidth(-3dB) 25MHz bandwidth(-3dB) 50MHz bandwidth(-3dB) Arbitrary wave 1μHz ~ 5MHz 1μHz ~ 5MHz 1μHz ~5MHz 1μHz ~5MHz 1μHz ~ 5MHz Modulation function AM, FM, PM, DSB-AM, FSK, ASK, PWM, Sweep, Burst Other functions Frequency counter: 100 mHz ~ 200 MHz Standard configuration USB Host & Device Optional port USB-GPIB adapter Size 229mm×105mm×281mm Detailed performance parameters and technical indicators please refer to 《SDG1000 serial Datasheet》 Standard Accessories: 1. A User Manual 2. A Certification 3. A CD (including EasyWave 1.0 computer software system) 4. A Power Cord that fits the standard of UK 5. A USB Cable 6. A Quick Start Optional Accessories: 1. BNC Cable 2. GPIB (IEEE 488.2) add $100 1. IC test 2. Analog sensor 3. Simulated environment signals Electrical circuit function test Education and training Software name Software name version download SDG1000 UserManual 2012-09-07 Download Customer Support Phone Number: (408) 329-7985 Customer Support Skype: Aidetek Shipping: UK order will ship from our UK warehouse, other Europe countries will ship from our UK warehouse with track # 9-16 business days, sorry our UK warehouse can't cover all Europe countries like Russia and several other countries, check with us if you are not sure, we will confirm with you if we can't ship from UK for you, thank you
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