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LA1016 16-channels Logic Anlyzer
LA1016 16-channels  Logic  Anlyzer Quantity in Basket: None
Code: LA1016
Price: $399.00
Shipping Weight: 0.88 pounds
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1 unit of LA1016 16-channels Logic Anlyzer



LA1016 USB 2.0 full-speed 16 channels Logic Analyzer

100MHz Sample rate and 33MHz Measuring Bandwidth


Signal Sampling Rate: 100MHz (max)

Hardware Filtering: 2 levels

Real-time Displaying Rate: 100MHz (max)

Dynamic Data Recording: Supported

Measuring Bandwidth: 33MHz

Storage Depth per Channel: 32Kbits

Input Impedance: 500Kohm

Input Signal Voltage Range: 0 ~ 5V

Triggering Voltage Type: TTL/CMOS

USB Version: USB2.0 Full Speed

Trigger Position Setting: Supported (Allows any triggering position for better observations)

Trigger Condition Levels: 16 levels

Logic Pen: Supported

Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista (Coming soon)

Software Interface:



Brand-new trigger measurement method and brand-new analyzer method makes the measure process even more quick and simple LA1016 can set edge, level, bus trigger methods and so on, very easy to use;
Dynamic data recording enables you get the depth and accuracy of data at the same time;

The innovation data analyzer functions make your life more easier while analyzing UART,SPI,I2C data;
The brand-new multi- documents structure may enable you to observe and to compare other data during measurement
Multi-method Data Export functions make the re-analyzer measure data possible and easy

Nimble measure frequency setting break the traditional 1, 2, 5 encode methods, make the measurement more precision.
USB 2.0 full speed interface, plug and play;
Small size like a normal business card, portable
Dynamic algorithm update always make your job on the leading edge


Signal Sampling Rate


Real-time Displaying Rate


Measuring Bandwidth


Storage Depth per Channel


Input Impedance


Input Signal Voltage Range


Triggering Voltage Type


USB version

USB2.0 full speed

Hardware filtering

2 levels

Trigger Position Setting

Supported(Allows any triggering position for better observations)

Trigger Condition Levels

16 levels

Logic pen


Supported Trigger Methods:

Edge Trigger


Data Trigger


Bus Trigger


Data sequencing



Data width Trigger


Delay Trigger


Data show up times Trigger




Visible Trigger



Smart warning

Dynamic Measure

Signal Group

Multi-measure display

Creating waveform pictures

Waveform search

Auto updating

Multi interfaces styles

CSV data export

Add-on Toolbar

BIN data export


Dada Bus Analyzer:

UART bus Analyzer

I2C Bus Analyzer

Meiler data buses Analyzer

A/D Transfer Analyzer

SSI bus Analyzer

SPI Bus Analyzer

Manc Hester code Analyzer

1-Wire Bus Analyzer


Protocol Analyzer

SD/MMC card SPI mode Analyzer
CF card True IDE mode Analyzer
MODBUS protocol Analyzer
8051 Assembly


Click the picture to view large picture

The whole package includes:

LA1016 Logic Analyzer: 1 unit
LA1016 measurement leads: 16 units
USB cable: 1 unit
English Driver and manual on CD: 1 unit

Click here to download the Driver:

Click here to download the manual:

One-year Warranty from the manufacturer

LA/LAP Family Logic Analyzer Selection Guide

Types LA1000 Series LA2000 Series LA5000 Series
Basic Types Enhanced Types Big Memory Types Enhanced Types Big Memory Types Basic Types
LA1016 LA1024 LA1032 LA1232 LA1432 LA1532 LA1732 LA1832 LA2232 LA2432 LA2532 LA2832 LA2932 LA5034
Input Channels 16 24 32 32 32 32 32 34
Max. Timing Sampling Rate 100M 100M 100M 200M 200M 500M
Max. State Sampling Rate --- 30M 30M 80M 80M ---
Memory Size 512Kbits 768Kbits 1Mbits 4Mbits 16Mbits 32Mbits 256Mbits 512Mbits 4Mbits 16Mbits 32Mbits 512Mbits 1Gbits 64Kbits
Storage Depth / Channel 32K 128K 512K 1M 8M 16M 128K 512K 1M 16M 32M 2K
Triggering Position Beginning, Center, Ending, User Defined Beginning, Center, Ending, User Defined Beginning, Center, Ending, User Defined Beginning, Center, Ending, User Defined Beginning, Center, Ending, User Defined Beginning, Center, Ending, User Defined
Supported Signal Type TTL/CMOS TTL/CMOS Single-End Single-End Single-End Single-End Single-End Single-End
Trigger Level TTL/CMOS TTL/CMOS 0~4.6V -4V~+4V -4V~+4V -4V~+4V -4V~+4V -5V~+5V
Triggering Modes Fast, visible Fast, visible, Advanced, Plug-in Fast,visible,Advanced,Plug-in Fast,visible,Advanced,Plug-in Fast,visible,Advanced,Plug-in Fast,visible,Advanced,Plug-in Fast,visible,Advanced,Plug-in
Analysis Functions Bus, Protocol Bus, Protocol,Code Bus, Protocol,Code Bus, Protocol,Code Bus, Protocol,Code Bus, Protocol,Code
Probes Type Passive Passive Passive Passive Passive Passive
Data Recording Mode Timing Timing-StateTiming, Timing,State,Timing-State Timing,State,Timing-State Timing,State,Timing-State Timing,State,Timing-State Timing,Timing-State

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers : WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) and others which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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