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LEAD-FREE SOLDERING POT 1500W tin Compact+Heating Element
LEAD-FREE SOLDERING POT 1500W tin Compact+Heating Element Quantity in Basket: None
Code: SM1500F
Price: $438.99
Shipping Weight: 12.30 pounds


Operation instruction

Our Lead-free soldering pot has built-in advanced microcomputer digital control and display system, make it more safe, more steady and more accurate. Itís a good tool for electronic fields.                                         



* With big power heater, only within 30 minutes to reach 842  from room temperature, (Different items with a little different heating time.)

* With advanced microcomputer digital control and double displays. make it more accurate heating and fast temperature returning capability.

* The boiler made of titanium alloy, can resist high temperature, cauterization and abrasion, largely prolong the life.

* With temperature setting and locking function, will not be affected by wrong operation.

* The setting value will be saved for long time, and can not be affected by power on or off. With auto sleeping function, prolong the machineís life.

* With malfunction alarm.

Desk quadrate type:




Pot size (mm)

Tin capacity








Working conditions:

Working voltage: AC  220V 

Working temperature: 32-131

Working temperature: < 90% no dew


1.      The soldering pot must be put on the balanced and ovenproof working desk, prevent the glowing tin go out of the pot. And also take care of the hot tin and the hot body.

2.      Do not put other pb items together with the lead-free soldering pot, prevent pb pollution. If cause the products do not eligible, then we wonít take on this liability.

3.      It canít be used where it will be exposed to ignitable or corrosive materials and gases.

4.      If you need to move the soldering pot, please turn off the switch and move it after the pot turn cool.

5.      The pot is a hot equipment, if you no need to use, please shut off the switch, and put out the plug.

6.      In order to keep it safe and prolong the life, itís better stop working after it has worked more than 12hours.

7.      Do not heating the pot when itís empty, and use the power supplier with grounding cord.

8.      The pot is made of titanium which import from Japan, after it is heated by hot temperature, the color will turn to golden or blue, itís natural for the material.

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