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MS305D 30V 5A 50Hz 90W Precision Variable Adjustable DC Power Supply
MS305D 30V 5A 50Hz 90W Precision Variable Adjustable DC Power Supply Quantity in Basket: None
Code: MS305D
Price: $75.69
Shipping Weight: 11.00 pounds
MS305D 30V 5A 50Hz 90W Precision Variable Adjustable Power Supply USA

- Use thickening steel case and new design to make the power supply durable and beautiful
- Use good quality pot to make output voltage value more precision.
- Constant voltage and constant current operation mode (C.C and C.V. automatic conversion)
- Perfect protection: over voltage (OVP), open circuit (OCP),over temperature (OTP)
- Adopt advanced PWM and MOS control technology design to make the power supply high effectivity, lighter, more energy conservation and environment technologies
- Intelligent temperature control fan to help power supply cooling fast

- Factory products aging: such as dc motor, dc fan, car DVD, car audio, resistance, capacitance and so on
- Battery industry: perfect used in the battery industry, to provide constant current charging firstly than change to constant voltage  trickle charging, prevent battery from overcharge, and prolong the battery life.
- Inverter industry:overcome the relay getting struck,fast response speed can satisfy the requirement of instantaneous change of load.
- LED manufacturing industry: LED test and aging.
- All other occasions need to use DC Power Supply

- Input Voltage: AC 110V,60Hz(US) / 220V,50Hz(EU)
- Note: 110V/220V can be adjust by voltage setting
- Output voltage:DC 0-30V Continuous adjustable
- Output current: DC 0-5A Continuous adjustable
- Display resolution:voltage: 0.1V , current 0.1A.
- Accuracy: -+1%
- Voltage stability: <=0.05%+1mV
- Current stability: <=0.05%+10mA
- Load stability: CV<=0.1% + 1mV CC<=0.1% +10mA
- Ripple and noise: CV<=10mV (RMS) CC<=20mA (RMS)
- Working conditions: temperature : -10 ~ 40 , relative humidity : <80% RH
- Storage conditions : Temperature : -20 ~ 80 ; Relative humidity : <70% RH
- Size: 260*125*155mm L*W*H

Package included:
- 1 x DC Power Supply

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