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MS2203 3 phasr power clamp meter power factor correction
MS2203 3 phasr power clamp meter power factor correction Quantity in Basket: None
Code: MS2203
Price: $253.99
Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
Brand NEW MS2203 THREE PHASE Clamp Meter

Brand NEW MS2203 THREE PHASE DIGITAL POWER CLAMP METER with all accessories + hard case for power factor correction

must have for correcting power factor to 1, must have to improve the electrical system, save a lot of $$$ on Utility bills

Brand new with 1 year USA warranty + 14 days return policy + free priority mail 2-3 days shipping (USA only)


?Power measurement of 3-phase 3-wire, 3-phase 4-wire, single-phase mode
?V, A, W, VA, VAR, KWh, PF, Hz measurement
?Double display two parameters on each menu and store 28 groups of measurement parameter
?Measure total power value and five power parameters of each phase in 3-phase measurement mode respectively
?Auto-range and T-RMS display
?With PC RS232 interface and windows graphics software
?Display measurement time and select tested signal be power supply for the clamp at one time, the instrument can measurement for long time
?Large LCD display, multifunctional button control


Max conductor size


AC current(A)


AC voltage(V)


Active power(kW)


Apparent power(kVA)


Power factor(PF)

0.3cap to 0.3ind?.02%

Reactive power(KVAR)


Active energy(kWh)



20 ~ 1000Hz 0.5%


4 digits LCD 9999

Power supply

4 x 1.5V AA

Operating temperature

0C ~ 40C


300mm x 103mm x 51mm


Approx. 500g





?lt;/font>  Regular DMM red/black banana test leads

?lt;/span> 4 color banana test leads for 4 wire testing

?lt;/font> 4 alligator clips

?lt;/font> 4 x  1.5V batteries;

?lt;span style="font-family: SymbolMT"> Hardcase

?lt;font face="Times New Roman" size="5"> English manual/test report and software CD;

?lt;font face="Times New Roman" size="5"> RS232 cable;


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Click here to download the manual:

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