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The H783 loop calibrator compared with FLUKE F705
The H783 loop calibrator compared with FLUKE F705 Quantity in Basket: None
Code: H783
Price: $239.00
Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
In stock, worldwide free ship by air mail with track number

The H783 loop calibrator compared with FLUKE F705
0-24V 0.05% Percent  Accuracy

Brand new with 3 ys warranty

This Calibrator is a IEC 61010, CAT I 30 V and Pollution Degree 2 instrument

The H783 loop calibrator is a cost-effective, integrated solution for current-loop calibration, repair and maintenance. The H783 features mA sourcing, simulation and measurement, has 0.02% accuracy and 0.001 mA resolution. H783 loop calibrators can simultaneously display mA and % of span readings and has selectable step or ramp outputs. The H783 has a 24V loop supply with mA measure and 0V DC to 24V DC measurement to check loop voltage. The removable battery door makes for quick battery replacement. The H783 loop calibrator ships complete with:


H783 is a calibration Multimeter AND handheld multi-function digital calibration instrument that is featured with high accuracy, resolution and reliability and anti-drop and is integrated with digital display of DC voltage, current signal source and digital multimeter functions. The instrument uses large liquid crystal display with clear reading and is featured with backlight reading hold and auto power-off. The instrument can be fed by DC or AC power source, which delivers more convenience.  Signal output and mA, mV measurement functions of this instrument are mainly for field calibration, service in industrial automation site. Besides, this instrument has general functions of multimeter, which is an ideal tool for field application.

The overall machine circuit takes dual slope A/D converter as its core, and is featured with signal output and measurement functions. Its technical performance conforms to Automation Instrument Calibration Standard for typeElectric II and Electric II, its operation environment complies with related regulations in GB6587.1-86 Environmental tests program for electronic measuring instruments about instrument Group II.




1/2 LCD display.
Display 1 for Over range, max display value 19999.
24V.DC (30mA.MAX) power output, which can be used as
24V.DC working power supply for two-wire instrument.
0-10V, 0-100mV, 0-20mV, 0-20mA and 0-22mA DC signal
source, which can simulate output signals of varieties of model
II, III and other instruments in field calibration.
200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V and 700VDC voltage signal
measuring scale.
2mA, 20mA and 200mA DC current signal measuring scale.
2V, 20V, 200V and 700V AC voltage signal measuring scale.
2mA, 20mA and 100mA AC current signal measuring scale.
200 , 2k , 20k , 200k , 2M and 20M resistance
measuring scale.
Diode voltage drop measuring and line break-and-make
Frequency measuring function.
Backlight used for reading in site with insufficient light
    Power undervoltage indication.

DC voltage 24V10%


 The package includes:

  • protective yellow holster
  • test leads
  • alligator clips
  • calibration report




USA order will ship from our USA warehouse by usps priority mail 3-4 business days with track number, All Other orders will ship from our China warehouse by air mail 8-12 business days with track number for free, the track number will e-mail to you.



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