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Rigol Mixed signal Color Oscilloscope 50MHz Dual CH DS1052D MSO with 16 channel logic analyzer
Rigol Mixed signal Color Oscilloscope 50MHz Dual CH DS1052D MSO with 16 channel logic analyzer Quantity in Basket: None
Code: DS1052D
Price: $1,045.00
Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds
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$19.95 international shipping.

Brand new with three years warranty supported by our USA support center.

New Portable Digital Storage Osc

New Portable Digital Storage Oscilloscope  2 channel MSO DS1052D + 16 channel logic analyzer

(#1 Oscilloscope Brand in China, Brand new with three years USA warranty)

                                     -------DS1052D 2 channel  Digital Storage Oscilloscope with logic analyzer


Application Areas:

Electronic circuit design and debug
Transient signals detection
Manufacturing Test and Quality Control
Education and Research & Development
Industrial Control
Electrical Test and Quality Control


Model DS1102D DS1052D
Bandwidth 100 MHz 50 MHz
Analog Channels 2
Logic Channels 16
Real-time Sample Rate 1 GSa/s(each channel),500 MSa/s(dual channels)
Equivalent Sample Rate 25 GSa/s 10 GSa/s
Memory Depth Mode capture rate common long memory
one channel 1 GSa/s 16 kpts N/A
500 MSa/s 16 kpts 1 Mpts
dual channels
500 MSa/s
250 MSa/s
or less
8 kpts
8 kpts
512 kpts
Standard Interface USB Host & Device, RS-232, P/F Out,LA
Optional Interface USB-GPIB Adaptor
Product Category Desktop Digital Oscilloscope
Dimention Width×Height×Depth=303mm?54mm?33mm
Weight 2.4 kg



DS1000D is a series of a high-performance, economic mixed-signals digital oscilloscopes. The 2 analog channels and 16 logic channels makes signal debug easy.

Features and Benefits

1. 2 analog channels, 100MHz bandwidth, 1GSa/s maximum real-time sample rate and 25GSa/s equivalent-time sample rate.
2. 5.7?TFT QVGA(320X240) with 64K color LED backlight display
3. 16 channels logic analyzer, mixed test, pattern cursor test and data memory.
4. Trigger modes : edge, pulse width, slope, video, pattern, continuous time, alternate trigger.
5. Multiple interface configurations: Standard configuration USB Host and USB device to support USB flash drive, RS-232, P/F output USB-GPIB adapter (Optional).

Advanced Performance

  • 1Mpts memory depth

  • UltraZoom technology

  • Mixed signal test

  • Low noise

High Performance

  • Pass/fail test

  • Waveform record

  • Alternate trigger

  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity

User-friendly Design

  • Backlight display buttons

  • Key Lock

  • File management

Standard Accessories

  • Packing kits bag

  • Passive probe?

  • Logic Analyzer Module (LA)

  • Power cord

  • CD-ROM

Optional Accessories

  • Passive probe

  • USB-GPIB adapter

  • 50 Ω impedance adapter

  • USB cable

  • RS-232 cable

  • Instrument bag


UltraScope for DS1000D Series
UltraScope software allows connections of Rigol DS1000D series oscilloscope to a PC through USB or RS-232 interface under  Windows 98, 2000, NT, and Windows XP

The UltraScope software provides the following control and analysis features:
Use Data Browser to display captured waveforms, data and measurements.
Use DSO Controller to control the oscilloscope locally or remotely .
Save waveform in “BMP?format.
Save data into “TXT?or “EXCEL?file format for analysis.
Print the waveforms.


  • UltraScope for DS1000D Series interface




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